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Extra virgin olive oil Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois

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OriginAlghero, province of Sassari

Olive variety: mainly Bosana, Semidana, Tonda di Cagliari

Soil type: superficial, medium texture

Altitude asl: 20-50 m

Harvest type: obtained from olives harvested with mechanical facilitators at the beginning of October and November, when the veraison is barely noticeable

Extraction method: company’s own mill, cold pressing, continuous cycle in two stages

Organoleptic characteristics

Colorgreen with golden reflections.

Bouqueta very well-balanced evo oil with a very high sensory content, with a clear olive scent, hints of apple and tomato, strong vegetable hints and an excellent balance between bitter and spicy.

Taste: exclusive evo oil thanks to its richness of aromatic components and a markedly intense fruitiness with green notes.

Expert Opinion

Ideal companion for the most imaginative and classy cuisine; its fragrance and nuances are best appreciated raw.

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