Extravirgin Olive Oil Monocultivar

Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives of a single variety, which strongly characterizes the olive oil. Italy has a very large and extremely diverse olive heritage; to date, about 540 varieties have been counted, from which it is possible to extract a typical and unique extra virgin olive oil. Each variety, in fact, is in harmony with its original environment and, generally, does not replicate its agronomic features outside the area of cultivation; this is why extra virgin olive oil from single variety possesses chemical and physical characteristics and organoleptic sensations which grant it a specific territoriality and a unique identity. Such identity can be perceived and appreciated by the consumer in its innumerable nuances, always seeking the perfect matching with food; on OliveoShop it is possible to find some of the best Italian extra virgin olive oil from single variety.



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