Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil

In order to be considered organic, extra virgin olive oil must be acquired and produced with olives from organic agriculture in compliance with EEC Regulation no. 2092/91 of 24 June 1991 and following months, concerning the organic production process of agricultural products and the indication of such process on the products and foodstuffs. Therefore, all processes of picking and storage of the olives, olive oil extraction, storage and packaging of the extra virgin olive oil must be checked. So that it can be labeled organic extra virgin olive oil, with the indication “Product obtained from organic agriculture “, it is necessary that all the operators involved, olive-growers, millers and bottlers, work under the control process of a state-appointed regulatory organ, by sending a form, called notification, to the Regional Administration and the chosen organ. On OliveoShop it's possible to buy organic extra virgin olive oil produced in different Italian regions by certified operators.



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