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Azienda Agricola Querce Bettina

A popular legend dating back to the end of the IXX century tells us that, at the foot of a majestic oak, twisted in the stem and the large canopy, sat a gentile old woman spinning wool and telling ancient tales of magic and mystery to young people accompanying herds to pasture. Nothing else was known about the lady, called "Bettina," neither her house, nor her provenance, and she showed herself... then vanished, leaving behind an atmosphere of mystery. Her magical stories were enjoyed beside the fireplace on winter evenings. Everyone, at least once, had met Bettina and I could remember the magic influence of her words, but when they spoke of this place, they could only claim to have past through the “Querce Bettina".

In the area, vinyeards have developed-- stubbornly proceeding from the land’s clay and silty marlstone mixed with marl and palombini, once the bed of wild rivers-- as raised by Sandra and Robert into a precious six acres of vineyard planted 100% Sangiovese and Brunello. This magical and mysterious land has been able to give them a generous yield of fruit, of wonderful scent and strength. The olive grove, planted at an altitude of about 440 meters, is a selection of Leccino and Corregiolo Moraiolo cultivars, some of which are accompanied by pollinators-- a total of about 520 plants in over an acre of land and four thousand meters. The plants are looked after with care, pruned each year to begin the production of healthy olives, rich in natural substances without the use of pesticides. The variety and balance in their olive collection, carefully done by hand during the months of October and November, contributes to the production of a fruity extra virgin olive oil with outstanding gifts of a bitter and spicy taste of herbal notes that reference the artichoke. An analysis confirms the organoleptic properties and quality features that are the main objectives of the company for the production of PDO "Terre di Siena."