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Cru Ruxià Organic EVO Oil

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Cru Seénà Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Provenance: Riviera of Ponente Ligure

Variety of olives: Blend of different varieties including Taggiasca, Leccino, Frantoio, Gentile

Certification: Produced with organic farming methods in accordance with EC Reg. 834/2007

Extraction Method: Two-cold phase extraction and pitting, within 48 hours of the olive harvest, bottling without filtration and subsequent storage in the warehouse basement ( cool and dark ).

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: yellow with green highlights slightly veiled

Smell: fruity of medium intensity, fresh with vegetal hints

Taste: balanced with hints of almond and artichoke.

Expert Opinion

Ideal raw on fish and meat dishes, first courses and soups.

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