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Unico PDO Tergeste EVO Oil

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PDO Tergeste Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Provenance: Caresana, Dolina, Bagnoli della Rosandra (S. Dorligo della Valle – Trieste)

Olive varieties: Bianchera - belica, leccino, leccio del corno, maurino, pendolino

Type of soil: marnous-sandy Caresana and Bagnoli della Rosandra hills and Rio Ospo and Breg valleys

Type of Harvest: by hand picking and with facilitators 

Certifications: PDO

Extraction Method: cold, continuous extraction by centrifugation.

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: Yellow-green

Smell: Medium fruity, of green type with hints of grass, tomato and aromatic herbs

Taste: Balanced, with initial bitter sensation, pleasant sweet and spicy of medium intensity, with aftertaste of field chicory, almond, tomato.

Expert Opinion

Excellent for vegetable starters and first courses, fish, risotto and white meat.

Data sheet

CountryFriuli Venezia Giulia
FarmAzienda Agricola Parovel

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