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Amberjack slices on broccoli friarielli cream with EVO oil La Femm'n.

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Amberjack slices on broccoli friarielli cream with EVO oil La Femm'n.


Clean the friarielli by removing the larger leaves and petioles (ribs), wash several times in cold water and drain; cook most of them for a couple of minutes in a pot with slightly salted water, drain and cool quickly in water and ice. Peel and cut the potato into thin slices. Brown half a chopped onion in a pan with three tablespoons of EVO oil and brown the slices of potato; continue cooking adding vegetable broth and add almost at the end the friarielli blanched, completing over medium heat. Leave to cool and with the help of an immersion blender work in a cylindrical container until a fluid cream is obtained adding, if necessary, more broth. Brown a clove of garlic and a red pepper in a pan with a spoonful of EVO oil, remove the garlic and quickly sauté the remaining part of the friarielli. Clean the amberjack, recover the fillets and cut them into slices of the desired width taking care to check that there are no bones left. Heat a non-stick frying pan and put the slices to cook by placing them on the side of the skin; cook first over high heat and then over a softer heat covering the pan with a lid and squeezing occasionally to obtain a crispy skin. Place the slices of amberjack on the cream, completing with some sautéed friariello and EVO oil flush.


gr. 400 clean broccoli friarielli
gr. 500/600 amberjack fillet
n. 1 yellow potato white paste (gr. 70/80)
as needed onion, garlic, red pepper, vegetable broth, salt
n. 5 tablespoons of EVO oil La Femm'n by the farm Sabino Leone medium fruity.