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Rice, yellow pumpkin and gorgonzola with Organic PGI Tuscany EVO oil.

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Rice, yellow pumpkin and gorgonzola with Organic PGI Tuscany EVO oil.

The recipe.

We went to a friend's vegetable garden in early August and picked two precocious fruits of Cucurbita maxima, better known as yellow quintal pumpkin, which when fully ripe, between October and November, gives fruits that can even exceed fifty kilos; the ones we chose have 18/20 centimeters diameter, which is important because when dividing and emptying them we obtained four perfect soup plates. The sweetness of the pumpkin contrasts very well with the sharp and strong taste of the gorgonzola, the medium-fruity organic EVO oil accompanies well the pairing and the walnut and pistachios grain adds texture and flavor to the dish.


Wash the pumpkin, dry it, divide it in half, eliminate the seeds and empty it as far as possible with a knife and then with a fruit digger taking care to leave the walls of a thickness that guarantees the right strength, then reduce the part sliced to the knife into cubes. Prepare the broth so that it is at the right temperature for cooking the rice and work coarsely with a knife nuts and pistachios. Brown a chopped shallot in a pan with two tablespoons of EVO oil, add the rice and let it toast over low heat, add half a glass of white wine, salt and add the hot broth; halfway through cooking the rice, add pumpkin pulp and cubes, previously swatted with a tablespoon of EVO oil and a clove of garlic, and complete the cooking. When the heat is off, stir in gorgonzola and parmigiano and add a few marjoram leaves. Place adding the walnut and pistachio grains. 


n. 2 quintal yellow pumpkin (diameter 18/20)
gr. 320 Carnaroli rice
gr. 100 spicy PDO Gorgonzola cheese
gr. 100 PDO Parmigiano Cheese
as needed white wine, shallot, garlic, vegetable broth, salt, marjoram, walnut, pistachio
n. 3 tablespoons of Organic PGI Toscano EVO oil by the farm Frantoio Franci medium fruity.