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Pasta al pesto with yellow date, courgette curls and EVO oil Crù Maina.

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Pasta al pesto with yellow date, courgette curls and EVO oil Crù Maina.

The recipe.

This is the period of greatest vigour for basil plants and to enhance their essential oils we decided to revisit a classic Ligurian recipe, pesto, a sauce to which we combined a monovarietal EVO oil from Taggiasca, a classic among the most representative cultivars of the "Five Lands" region. A recipe that requires a lot of patience, muscles and good will, but the result largely pays off the work done with the stone mortar and the wooden pestle. Using garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and pecorino cheese we made a tasty cold sauce with which we seasoned a pasta format, pici della Val d'orcia, which fully enhances its qualities and combines, but only at the end of cooking, the yellow date tomato sweetness.


Take the basil leaves and remove the petiole without washing them; grate the Parmesan and Pecorino cheese separately, then add and mix evenly. Wash a courgette, dry it and with the help of a spiral slicer cut the strips to fry quickly in a small frying pan with EVO oil, drain, dry on kitchen paper and salt; wash the tomatoes, dry and cut into slices. Work in a mortar a clove of garlic with a few grains of coarse salt until it is reduced to cream; add the basil with a pinch of coarse salt and work with the pestle by turning the mortar in the opposite direction. When the basil liquid starts to collect on the bottom of the mortar add the pine nuts and mix until you get a uniform cream, then add the cheese mix, the EVO oil flush and mix. Cook the pasta for about twenty minutes in a pot with salted water in a lower quantity than usual, transfer the pesto into the pan and add a couple of spoons of cooking water rich in starch. Drain the pasta before time, transfer to the pan and finish cooking over low heat; when the heat is off, add the slices of cherry tomato and mix. Place as you like adding the courgette curls.


gr. 50 leaves of Ligurian basil (narrow leaf)
gr. 15 pine nuts
gr. 70 parmesan cheese, gr. 30 pecorino romano cheese
gr. 100 yellow date tomato
gr. 320 pici della Val d’orcia
as needed coarse salt, 1 clove of Sulmona red garlic, 1 green courgette, evo oil
n. 10 tablespoons of EVO Oil Cru Maina by the farm Sommariva medium light fruity.