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Tuna tartare, plantain and sour cream sauce with EVO oil La Majatica.

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Tuna tartare, plantain and sour cream sauce with EVO oil La Majatica.

The recipe.

Plantain is a tropical fruit very similar to banana with which many typical South American recipes can be prepared. We thought of combining it, both in chips and pancakes, with an excellent bluefin tuna tartare and a sauce of sour cream, garlic and parsley and using a medium intense fruity EVO oil, a monovarietal of Majatica, to enhance its scents and flavours.


With a knife finely work garlic and parsley then pour the chopped mixture into a container; season with a tablespoon of EVO oil and a pinch of salt, add the sour cream and mix until you obtain a thick and velvety cream. Clean the slices of tuna fillet and work them with a knife, transfer what has been obtained into a bowl and season with two tablespoons of EVO oil, salt and freshly ground pepper in a mortar, stir and leave to flavour. Peel the plantain and slice three of them with a vegetable cutter, cut the fourth one into four pieces, dividing it first by long and then in half. Bring the olive oil to temperature in a large frying pan and fry the chips for three to four minutes, drain them, dry them with kitchen paper and season with salt. Fry the four pieces of plantain for a couple of minutes, drain them and crush them with a fork joining the pulp thus obtained into a single ball, add a drizzle of EVO oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and knead by hand. Once you' ve obtained a homogeneous paste, roll it out by hand and cut out four disks with the help of a circular mould bigger than that of the tartare; fry as for the chips, drain and dry. Place the tartare formed with the help of a circular mould on top of the plantain pancakes and lay both the chips and the sour cream sauce on the side.


gr. 1000 plantain (n.4 medium)
gr. 400 bluefin tuna fillet
gr. 200 sour cream
n. 2 cloves of Sulmona's red garlic
as needed salt, fresh parsley, green, red, black and white pepper, EVO oil for frying
n. 4 tablespoons of Organic EVO oil La Majatica Frantonio Valluzzi medium-intense fruity.