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Pasta, beans, black cabbage and bread crumble with EVO oil Semidana.

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Pasta, beans, black cabbage and bread crumble with EVO oil Semidana.

The recipe.

A contamination between two traditional cuisines, Campania and Tuscany, between pasta and beans and ribollita; a common denominator is the beans, which in this case are black and white, with the delicacy of black cabbage and the consistency of bread crumble. An excellent mix of vegetable flavours that goes well with the medium fruity of Semidana, a single variety typical of Sardinia: as to territoriality a real sharing!


Soak the beans for at least twelve hours in plenty of water; cook in a pot, drain and store the cooking water. Fry in a pan with four tablespoons of EVO oil, two cloves of garlic, one chilli pepper, some chopped parsley and some pork cheek petals. Wash the cabbage leaves, drain, dry with kitchen paper and cut into transversal strips. Cut two slices of stale bread into little cubes, wet with a drizzle of EVO oil and brown quickly in the oven at medium temperature. Wash the tomatoes, dry, cut in four in a bowl and fry in the pan; add the beans, chopped parsley, cabbage strips and leave to flavour for few minutes over medium heat. Add a glass of beans cooking water, lower the heat, cover with a lid, leave to stew for about ten minutes, season with salt and add the pasta; cook over low heat, stir continuously with a wooden spoon adding cooking water a little at a time in order to cook the pasta with a creamy consistency. Place at will adding a sprinkle of chopped parsley and cubes of toasted bread.


gr. 100 black beans and cannellini (about gr. 250 cooked)  
gr. 300 black cabbage
gr. 200 date tomato
gr. 160  durum wheat tubetti
as needed salt, fresh parsley, chilli pepper, garlic, pork cheek, stale bread
n. 4 tablespoons of Semidana EVO oil by the farm Accademia Olearia medium fruity.