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Pici with parsley pesto and chickpea cream with EVO oil PDO Colline Pontine.

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Pici with parsley pesto and chickpea cream with EVO oil PDO Colline Pontine.

The recipe.

A first course with intense flavours united by a delicate chickpea cream and enlivened by parsley pesto, a real concentrate of healthy ingredients: parsley, garlic, walnuts and intensely fruity single-variety Itrana PDO evo oil. Parsley contains important nutrients including calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B, K and C, of which it' s extremely rich. Garlic, which contains allicin, is antibiotic, antibacterial, antiseptic, digestive, depurative and antioxidant. Walnuts can keep cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk under control, they contain a high quantity of good fats, especially ω-3 and ω-6, essential fatty acids that are essential for the good health of our cardiovascular system, they' re an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, E, B1, B2, folic acid and fibre... and what more can we say about evo oil than we have said and continue to say in our blog!?


Leave the chickpeas to soak for at least twelve hours. Prepare the vegetable broth and brown a clove of garlic in a pan with two tablespoons of evo oil, remove the garlic and add the potato previously peeled and cut into thin slices; add the chickpeas and the rosemary, cover with the broth and leave to cook on a medium heat for half an hour. As soon as the chickpeas start to disintegrate and the broth has dried up, turn off the heat and leave to cool. Process the mixture in a cylindrical container with an immersion blender, adding more broth if necessary. When the cream is very thick, add a tablespoon of evo oil, adjust the salt and mix. Prepare and chop separately with a knife parsley, garlic and walnuts and mix in a bowl; add first two tablespoons of evo oil and then, a little at a time, the grated pecorino cheese until you obtain a thick cream to be left to rest and season. Cut the bacon into thin strips one finger wide, brown quickly and dry with paper towels. Cook the pasta in a pot with salted water, drain before time and transfer to a pan where the chickpea cream (200ml) has already been heated; stir, add four tablespoons of pesto, mix and finish cooking. Plate to taste adding some pesto and few bacon petals.


gr. 50 dry chickpeas (raw/cooked conversion factor = 3)
gr. 50
yellow potato with white paste
gr. 30
parsley, n.1 medium clove of garlic, gr. 30 walnut’s husk, gr. 30 pecorino romano cheese
gr. 50
pork belly
gr. 280
Val d'Orcia pici
as needed salt, garlic, rosemary, parsley, rainbow pepper, vegetable stock
n. 5
tablespoons of intense fruity EVO oil PDO Colline Pontine by the farm Alfredo Cetrone.