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The latest book by Ernesto Morales.

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The latest book by Ernesto Morales.

A book not to be missed.

After three years of intense activity Ernesto Morales publishes a new book "The Aleph - parallel visions", a visual interpretation of "the Aleph" ... the place where you can find, without getting confused, all the places on earth, seen from all angles ... a memorable story by J.L.Borges; an artistic and literary journey completed by the artist with passion and dedication that materializes in a hand finished book, with gold leaf inserts, published by Barometz in unique and numbered copies. Ernesto Morales is the artist who shared with us by Oliveo.it® the project of the "Gustarte's ®" gift box and was one of the first to take part in it; a special edition of a "Gustarte's ®" accompanied Ernesto Morales in 2015 in a large personal exhibition in New York in the rooms of the Consulate General of the Argentine Republic.

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The Aleph... as seen by Ernesto Morales.

From the world of the multiform and of certainties, a staircase leads to a parallel reality that goes beyond measurable things and in which the simultaneity of perception and the contemporaneity of vision open the doors to a new form of knowledge. Ernesto Morales undertakes this journey with his exceptional Virgil, descends into the basement and lies down next to him, ready to abandon all preconceived dogma and known perspectives. The spectacle that opens up before his mind and senses becomes a spiritual experience of contemplation and discovery, a point of conjunction of opposites, a moment of reflection on the Infinite, seen and penetrated in its most sensual and perfect characteristics of variety and uniqueness, duration and timeless dimension, fragmentariness and completeness. With an act of love, Morales records the moments of this extraordinary vision and returns them devoutly to those who have the courage to overcome all provisional convictions in order to look beyond sensitive things. In an interview some time ago, Ernesto Morales was asked why Borges' Aleph and what gave him the idea for the art book... "That text encapsulates my artistic research; in the forests, in the woods, in the light emanating from the clouds I paint, there is the Aleph, which in Hebrew is the first letter, for me it' s the One of which Plotinus spoke. It was natural for me to ask myself how I could represent it. Some time ago, the editors of Barometz came to visit me in Turin; they knew some of my things and talking about Borges, the project I had in my drawer came up: they liked it immediately. The idea of the book is a good one, an object that I like regardless since I collect first editions, bought anywhere in the world, which I then send to my home in Argentina".

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Ernesto Morales.

Argentinean artist Ernesto Morales was born in 1974 in Montevideo (Uruguay) and currently lives and works in Turin. After an intense training period spent in Buenos Aires, in 1999 he was awarded the title of Professor of Painting and taught Painting and History of Latin American Art at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and was Director of the Academia de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires; in 2005 he was awarded a Doctorate in Visual Arts at the Universidad de Bellas Artes. In 2006 he moved to Europe; from that year onwards Ernesto Morales' artistic activity began, focusing on themes relating to cultural identity and the phenomena of migration between Europe and South America, under the patronage of the Argentine Embassy in Italy, the Department of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the General Directorate of the Department of Culture of the Argentine Foreign Ministry and the Italian Cultural Institute of the City of Buenos Aires. After an initial period in Paris, Ernesto Morales set up his studio in Italy, first in Rome, and since 2011 in Turin. His international artistic career has led him to hold exhibitions in museums, galleries and art fairs in various countries, including the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay. Between 2009 and 2012 he represented the Governments of Italy, Argentina and Uruguay with a series of important solo exhibitions in various Italian and Argentinian museums. Since 2013, he has held regular exhibitions in the United States and Southeast Asia. In 2014 he held a series of important exhibitions in Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, and in 2015 a major solo exhibition in New York in the rooms of the Consulate General of the Republic of Argentina. Several monographic volumes are dedicated to his work, including: "Il Tempo della Distanza" (Genoa, 2010), "The invisible bridges" (Singapore, 2014), "Il giorno come la notte" (Turin, 2015), "Distance" (Milan, 2016), "Aurum" (Milan, 2017). In 2019 he participated in the 58th Venice Biennale with the exhibition "Heat" at the Abbey of Mercy; following the exhibition "Mindscapes" held in the same year at the Argentine Consulate based in New York one of his works was acquired by the Metropolitan museum in New York. Ernesto Morales' artistic research is characterised by a strong commitment to investigating themes linked to impermanence, memory and distance through the pictorial elaboration of both elements taken from nature, captured in their symbolic dimension, and dreamlike urban landscapes enveloped in the silence of metaphysical atmospheres.

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