Steamed salmon with chives cream and organic evo oil Trace.

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Steamed salmon with chives cream and organic evo oil Trace.

The recipe.

Chives are a wild aromatic plant widespread in domestic vegetable gardens. It has bright green, fleshy, straight tubular leaves, hollow inside and wrapped at the base by whitish sheaths; the aroma is reminiscent of the onion. We combined it with robiola, a fresh cheese with a delicate milky flavour and a creamy, velvety texture, and an evo oil rich in hints of unripe almond and artichoke with a balanced, harmonious flavour of medium intensity, to make a strongly aromatic and slightly spicy cream. We cooked the salmon steaks, bought and cleaned from our trusted dealer, in a wicker steamer in order to leave the flavour and delicacy of the meat intact.


Cut the chives with a sharp pair of scissors at a height of a couple of centimetres from the soil line and proceeding from the outside towards the inside of the bush. Select the stems and cut them into stalks of a couple of centimetres in a cylindrical container, leaving a small part for plating; add three tablespoons of evo oil and process until you obtain a uniform cream to which you add one hundred grams of robiola cheese and another three tablespoons of evo oil, mix and leave to rest. Prepare the remaining robiola cheese in a cup and add a couple of tablespoons of skimmed milk to obtain a thick cream. Prepare a pot with two/three litres of water, a few sage leaves and a few sprigs of thyme and marjoram, bring to the boil, place the wicker steamer with the perforated paper inside and quickly cook the salmon steaks. Plate the salmon with the two creams, adding a few chives and a sprinkle of black salt.


gr. 800 salmon fillet (4 slices)
gr. 30
gr. 200 robiola
as needed black Cyprus salt, sage, thyme, marjoram, skimmed milk
n. 6
tablespoons of Organic EVO oil Trace by the farm Marfuga medium fruity.

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