Why give extra virgin olive oil as a gift?

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Why give extra virgin olive oil as a gift?

The Health aspect is important, but not decisive: extra virgin olive oil is a real panacea if it is integrated into a healthy and balanced diet and are well aware of the Germans, Americans, Brazilians and Chinese who in recent years have preferred extra virgin olive oil because it is healthier and more natural than other alternative dietary fats.

If the number of bottles of extra virgin olive oil in foreign kitchens increases, these have never been missing in Italy and, on the contrary, become the object of welcome gifts on numerous occasions, from weddings to corporate gifts.

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A pioneer in this regard was the president of AIS (Italian Association of Sommeliers) Antonello Maietta who, on the occasion of his wedding in 2013, offered his guests an elegant package containing a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and besides green candies as if they were olives. Why?

For the deep meaning of such a gesture, since in the Far East olive oil has long had a high symbolic value, as a good omen for the wedding.

To symbolically bind the oil that, when it encounters food, melts the flavours exalting its goodness, to the prosperity of human relations, wishing it a persistent harmony.

 In fact, olive oil has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and this certainly depends on its economic value. It is no coincidence that even today, if the oil accidentally falls, it is still synonymous with bad luck, precisely because of the loss of this wealth. But not only that, it is a symbol of purity, of rapprochement, of strong and lasting bonds, just like its chemical bonds, of harmony.

Giving olive oil as a gift means first of all giving a great prosperity, so much so that in recent times this practice is becoming increasingly widespread, starting with wedding favors, to get to replace the classic bottle of wine given as a gift after an invitation to dinner.

It is the fruit of a long-lived plant, which symbolizes peace and harmony, and giving it means wishing such harmony.

Today extra virgin olive oil is a gift - different, unusual, and over all the most precious for this reason.

It is with this philosophy that we have thought of


gift boxes: inside two bottles of extra virgin olive oil to choose according to your taste, outside two works of art donated by internationally renowned artists of contemporary art.

We give for gift extra virgin olive oil not for a need but for the pleasure of doing so by going to fill a serious gap all Italian, that means to neglect their most important treasures.

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