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Shipping Informations

All orders must be made online; the order shall be deemed complete once the customer receives an email copy of the order confirmation. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the customer is obliged to check the summary of the data and to promptly communicate any possible error or discrepancy. After completing the order, in compliance with the current Italian fiscal legislation, customers are required to enter their Social Security or their VAT Number, depending on wether the purchaser is a natural person or a company.

Pricing and Billing

All prices are quoted in Euros and include VAT and packing taxes; as these may vary from time to time, the company reserves the right to make changes without prior notice; an invoice will be issued and sent by email to all persons in possession of VAT and Tax Code.

Shipping Costs

The parcels will be shipped within 24 hours from receipt of the payment. Shipping costs for destinations abroad/Italy for each parcel containing up to two and between three and six bottles are shown in the SHIPPING CHART and include customs fee, if applicable.

Concerning the shipment of packages exceeding standard quantities or of different type, as those provided (OVERSEAS/ITALY : six bottles maximum per parcel) , the customer must request an estimate by using the form in the Contact Us page; in order to minimize additional costs, the only transport costs will be those charged by the carrier at our company, including any additional packaging costs.

SDA Express Courier is the partner of our company for shipments abroad and in Italy.




From 0 to 3kg

(1/2 bottles)

From 3 to 10kg

(3/6 bottles)

Up 10kg


Updated to: 10/03/2017


Austria, Belgio, Danimarca, Germania, Lussemburgo, Olanda, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Ungheria





Francia, Principato di Monaco, Regno Unito, Spagna





Estonia, Finlandia, Grecia, Irlanda, Lettonia, Lituania, Malta, Portogallo, Svezia, Romania





Azzorre, Islanda, Isole Baleari, Isole Canarie, Liechtenstein, Madeira, Norvegia, Svizzera





Bielorussia, Bulgaria, Cipro, Croazia, Serbia, Ucraina





Albania, Algeria, Arabia Saudita, Bahrain, Giordania, India, Israele, Kuwait, Libano, Libia, Marocco, Oman, Palestina, Qatar, Russia, Tunisia, Turchia





Canada, Cina, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Georgia, Hong Kong, Mauritius, USA





Argentina, Australia, Brasile, Cuba, Giamaica, Isole Cayman, Giappone, Indonesia, Madacascar, Maldive, Messico, Nuova Zelanda, Singapore










The packaging containing the bottles of olive oil is made of polystyrene and is extremely easy to handle with its rounded forms , as it is not sharp-edged like a common cardboard box; this satisfies both the requirements of thermal insulation and impact resistance, guaranteeing not only the integrity of the glass bottle but also the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the contained oil. For that purpose, the manufacturer performs daily crash tests on the produced batches and, periodically, sample tests on the density of the material, which constitutes the container, in order to verify the constant quality of the product.Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the packaging

The polystyrene packaging is a fully recyclable product, and the container, in particular, can be used for vertical and/or horizontal storage of bottles in stock, in the basement or on pantry shelves at home.

Parcel delivery could also be performed at an address or a recipient other than the customer, provided that at the time the order they specify the destination; in order to facilitate the delivery is appropriate to provide an address at which he is always somebody at the reception of the goods.

IMPORTANT:Parcels delivery may also be carried out at a different address or to a different recipient on condition that the destination is specified by the customer when ordering; in order to facilitate the delivery, customers should provide an address at which a person responsible for the receipt of goods is always present.

In case the parcel, at the time of delivery, should present evidence of tampering and/or alleged tampering, it is recommended to accept the goods, specifying the following wording on the courier note:

"Accepted goods are subject to specific control with motivation" detailing the type of damage of packaging. If the parcel, at the time of delivery, should present evidence of tampering and / or damage, fluid leakage or such alleged, it is recommended not to accept the goods, responding on the courier note with the following statement: " I refuse to accept the package “ providing detailed reasoning. Our society is responsible for providing the return of the damaged package and will send it back. Any shipping costs for returning the damaged package to the sender, in addition to the delivery of the new one, will be handled by us. How to sign properly the right to control (some examples): -Subject to control - punctured or dented package. -Subject to control - wet package. -RSubject to control - tape carrier

Once you accept the goods, subject to control with motivation, we invite you to immediately check the status of the sent goods and, in the event that they are damaged, to immediately send a written notice via registered mail or by the form in the Contact Us page no later than 8 days from receipt. All information useful to proceed both to the possible replacement of the damaged material, and to respond to requests for reimbursement due to damages must be provided in the statement.

If the parcel is damaged, and the shipper refuses to issue the subject to control as indicated above, it is then possible to REFUSE the goods by immediately contacting our staff. If proof of damage to the goods, caused by transportation, can be noted upon opening the package, and if the subject to control with motivation has not been applied, it will not be possible to replace the package.

It is possible to check the status of your shipment on the SDA website and, for this purpose, the code for the control of the shipment will be sent by e-mail.

Delivery Times of Products

All orders received before 7 PM of every business day, consisting of products available on the site and available in stock , will be dispatched within the next business day. Currently, products are only available for order if within the amount of remaining inventory. If, in exceptional cases, some products are out of stock, contrary to what is specified on the website, a notice will be sent promptly by e-mail, and the complete shipment will be made when the product, not in stock, is available.

All ordered goods travel at the entire risk of our company and will be delivered to the carrier for shipment:

  • within 24 business hours from the order and its respective payment, if all items are in stock;
  • within 5/6 business days from the order and its respective payment, unless one or more items are not available in stock.

Delivery time of goods to the customer will be:

  • Foreign destinations 5/6 days from the date of delivery to the courier
  • Italy 24/48 hours from the date of delivery to the courier

Olives s.r.l. apologizes for any spelling errors, typos and translation of texts, considering itself relieved from liability for any moral or material damages that may arise from such, holding itself accountable to any person for any loss of data or lost profits arising from the use of the site OliveoShop and its contents