" OliveoShop, when the culture meet Extravirgin Olive Oil "

Olivest Srl is a company founded by long-time olive-growers. Obviously excluding the need to do business, the company’s primary goals are increasing the knowledge of Italian extra virgin olive oil in the world, the recognition and protection of biodiversity, also linked to different phytoclimatic areas and the presentation of single-variety extra virgin olive oil to represent different chemical and organoleptic characteristics intrinsic in specific autochthone/native cultivars. In OliveoShop, Olivest Srl’s online shop, the simple operations needed to buy extra virgin olive oil, the high quality of the extra virgin olive oil on offer, the care we put in supporting the clients and satisfying Their needs, in the choice of high quality packaging, in the design of gift boxes and in the pursuit of timely delivery are a must; all this contributes to ensure that, by clicking on OliveoShop, everybody with a passion for extra virgin olive oil may become a regular customer.

  • Our Philosophy

    The olive tree is a secular plant, part of many histories and experiences that have added to its story over many generations. The man who cultivates this plant with passion learns day after day to know its adaptability and ability to overcome the limitations of phytoclimatic areas, such as frost and drought. The olive tree endures rough pruning and pollarding, stoically metabolizes wounds inflicted by inattentive operators, and survives even the total loss of cortical connection. With its strong roots, the olive tree consolidates soils, adapting to their chemical and physical structure to derive a lifeblood. Its magnificent structure and its noble bearing enrich the environment and its landscapes. The olive tree overcomes any adversity, even the most serious, and survives. It is strong, tough, unflinching and generous.

  • Our Mission

    These characteristics are symbiotically assimilated by those who love and cultivate this plant. We want to share, in a small way, the work, sacrifice and determination of these extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to the cultivation of olive trees. In an era in predominated by mechanization and computerization, our goal is to give visibility and resonance to the efforts of these tireless arms and minds that aim to ensure the wholesomeness of feed materials and foodstuffs for our and future generations. The preservation of a historical, cultural, environmental, and genetic diversity makes us proud to be one of the most important countries in the world in this field.